Thursday, 21 September 2017  
Hurricane Maria clobbers Puerto Rico


Hurricane Maria, the strongest storm to strike Puerto Rico in nearly 90 years, has carved a path of destruction through the US territory, causing severe flooding and plunging the island into darkness as the storm's death toll in the Caribbean rose to at least 10.

Trump mum on Iran decision


President Donald Trump has determined how he wants to approach the Iran nuclear deal - which he has called the worst agreement ever negotiated by the US - but hasn't told even his top national security advisers what his decision is.

�Police arrest sixth London tube suspect
�Mexico quake kills 11 at baptism
�Mexico rescuers work to save trapped girl
�Kids of older dads risk genetic mutations
ďż˝Yoko Ono won’t let it be on ‘John Lemon’
ďż˝‘Iran won’t be first to break nuke deal’
�Come together for our children: Melania
�Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes off Japan
Today in History for September 21st


Highlights of this day in history: President Bill Clinton's grand jury testimony in the Monica Lewinsky scandal aired on TV; Authors H.G. Wells and Stephen King born; 'Monday Night Football' premieres; Actor-comedian Bill Murray born. (Sept. 21)

Reno man mauled by police dog to get $17,500 settlement


The suspected claimed deputies used excessive force and violated his civil rights by siccing a K-9 on him as he knelt with his hands on his head.

�Teacher requests students use gender-neutral pronouns; parents divided
�Nevada Quake Lab Tests New Bridge Design
�EU Says US, Others See no Iran Nuke Deal Breach
�New citizens greeted with Trump video
�Calif. sues White House to prevent border wall
�Irma nursing home deaths: Owner rips Florida move to stop Medicaid, ban patients
�Ex-teacher says native school in Grand Canyon had pattern of neglect
�California attorney general sues Trump administration over border wall construction
Gadget Ogling: Samsung's Return, Ultrasonic Tea, and Roaming Fridges


In 2016, Samsung's smartphone division wasn't so much on the rocks as dangling by a single fingernail, millimeters from plunging into a deep, dark chasm. The Galaxy Note7 had a terrible habit of exploding or catching fire. Not exactly the best look considering people prefer not to be injured while checking Instagram. The Galaxy Note8 is free of those combustible foibles, we've been assured.

�Too Few Candidates to Fill Growing Number of Open Source Jobs
ďż˝Congressional App Challenge Director Rachel Décoste: Get on Board the Tech Train
�Linux: Come for the Kernel, Stay for the Popcorn
�Twistlock 2.2 Improves Container Security with Cloud Native FirewallTwistlock 2.2 Improves Container Security with Cloud Native Firewall

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