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How much can late Permian ecosystems tell us about modern Earth? A lot

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New paleontological research shows that during the late Permian, the equator was dry and desert-like, yet surprisingly a hotspot for biodiversity. Similarly to modern rainforests, equator ecosystems were home to a unique diversity of species, including those both anciently and newly evolved. After the late Permian extinction, this diversity was decimated, and the climate change event that triggered an extinction back then is informative as we move forward with protecting our planet's species diversity.


Macron's climate warning to be heeded as warming speeds up

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December 15, 2017 6:11 PM
Science is revealing every day the danger that climate change poses to the world, French President Emmanuel Macron said at the One Planet summit this week.


Effects of climate change could accelerate by mid-century

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Environmental models are showing that the effects of climate change could be much stronger by the middle of the 21st century, and a number of ecosystem and weather conditions could consistently decline even the future.

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Global warming boosted Hurricane Harvey's rainfall by at least 15 per cent, studies find

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December 14, 2017 7:29 PM
NEW ORLEANS (WASHINGTON POST) - There's a theme lurking under the giant science meeting here along the Mississippi River: Extreme weather really is getting more extreme because of climate change.


Clean energy: Experts outline how governments can successfully invest before it's too late

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Researchers distil twenty years of lessons from clean energy funding into six 'guiding principles'. They argue that governments must eschew constant reinventions and grant scientists greater influence before our 'window of opportunity' to avert climate change closes.

Climate change will kill millions but you knew that already

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It’s no surprise, but an analysis has predicted deadly heatwaves, more deaths from starvation, and a boom in mosquito-borne diseases thanks to climate change

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Skepticism takes many forms

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Not every kind of science skepticism is the same. For example, skepticism about climate change is linked to political ideology, whereas skepticism about vaccinations consistently correlates with religious beliefs. In contrast, skepticism about genetically modified foods is not fuelled by religious or political ideology. These are some of the major findings of a new research study among North Americans.

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Climate Change Tripled Chances For Hurricane Harvey's Record-Setting Rainfall

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Scientists issued a new report on Wednesday that explained how global warming was behind a portion of the record rainfall from Hurricane Harvey in Texas earlier this year, according to The Associated Press. While man-made climate change didn't trigger Harvey, the new studies found that a warmer, wetter world made it at least three times more likely that lingering storm flooded Houston, the fourth most populous U.S. city. Researchers also found that global warming also contributed aspects to two other destructive hurricanes this year, Irma and Maria. The findings were discussed at the American Geophysical Union meeting in New Orleans. The studies concerning Harvey used a combination of new...

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Human-caused warming likely intensified Hurricane Harvey's rains

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New research shows human-induced climate change increased the amount and intensity of Hurricane Harvey's unprecedented rainfall.

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