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Signs of running water on Mars dunes are probably just dry sand

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The strange striped patterns that appear and fade away on Martian slopes were once thought to be evidence of flowing water – they’re actually made by dry sand

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It was always crazy to shoot for Mars before colonising the moon

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Common sense is prevailing in human space exploration, and the moon is back as the place we need to colonise before a riskier trip to Mars, says Paul Marks

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Elon Musk’s new plans for a moon base and a Mars mission by 2022

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SpaceX aims to launch spaceships to Mars within five years with a new rocket design that could also be used on Earth to make rapid around-the-globe trips

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Gene mutation causes low sensitivity to pain

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A rare mutation has been identified causes one family to have unusually low sensitivity to pain. The researchers hope the findings could be used to identify new treatments for chronic pain. They studied an Italian family, the Marsilis, which includes six people who have a distinctive pain response that has not been identified in any other people.

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Brandon Marshall Cussed Out By Heckler, Smartly Walks Away

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Here's a video the NFL should show at the 2018 Rookie Symposium -- NY Giants WR Brandon Marshall being cussed at in NYC by a heckler ... and he handles it like a champ. It all started when an NYPD officer approached Brandon's Rolls-Royce and...

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Epic Mars portrait turns the planet on its head

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Take a fresh look at Mars with a European Space Agency image that brings the planet into rare focus.

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Listen to Eminem's New Revival Songs Featuring Ed Sheeran and Pink

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Eminem dropped his new album Revival on Thursday and there are a few familiar voices on his tracks. Ed Sheeran collaborated with Marshall Mathers on a song called "River." The...

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Florian Thauvin in high demand

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Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid are among clubs showing interest in Marseille hotshot Florian Thauvin, L’Equipe has learned. The 24-year-old did well to kick-start his career at Stade Velodrome after a disappointing spell with Newcastle United, bagging 15 league goals last season. Thauvin has since continued the rich vein of form and he has been ...]


Eminem’s Ninth Studio Album, Revival, Has Arrived

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The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was Eminem’s last studio album, and it came out all the way back in 2013, which is basically a lifetime ago in terms of how much culture has changed. The veteran MC has already released “Walk On Water” and “Untouchable” as lead singles, and there ...

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Marshall Faulk and 2 Others Suspended by NFL Network Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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Faulk, Heath Evans and Ike Taylor were accused of sexual harassment, and Faulk of assault, in a lawsuit filed by a former wardrobe stylist for the company.

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